Dad Said What???

Dad is retired you see, and travels back to Georgia each month to keep tabs on my brother and I.  During this most recent meeting high up in the ivory towers of Rubber Tracks USA (second floor), this past Monday, I heard something come out of my father’s mouth that I never thought I would.  The man told me to”Get Your Head Out of Your Ass and Send An Email To Your Customers!”  This hit home, as I have been procrastinating starting an email campaign for you…our customers.  Mainly, as my excuse goes, because I had no idea what to say.  I’m not one that is a fan of spam and hate companies that try to manipulate me into buying something.  Mainly because it works…hmmmm.  As far as business goes, I don’t like coupons.  I mean…Really?…I’m going to send you a coupon for a set of rubber tracks and you are just going to be like…”Wow…$50 off a set of rubber tracks…Honey?…What do you think?…I mean, I just replaced them last month, but hell…it’s $50!…Let’s get another set!”…yeah…I don’t see that happening or being very effective.  In addition, this flies in the face of my commitment to provide consistent pricing to our customers.  I really believe, and I’m sure I will restate this many times, that you should receive the same price as your neighbor.  This doesn’t mean that we will never change prices, but when we do, we change them for everyone.

So, I looked to my brother and what did he say?  “Do What Dad Says”  Now, what am I going to do?  I decided that that profound wisdom of telling me to get my Head Out of My Ass should be shared with the world along with all those other nuggets that DAD SAYS!  Look for the profound as well as…you know…that sales stuff.  But rest assured, I am just doing what he says.

So, if you are one of the lucky recipients…look for an email coming your way soon…assuming I can figure it out…and oh yeah…I seem to be liking this dot dot dot thing…so…get used to it!

– Ken Lashley – Manager – aka “The Guy Who Sends Those Emails”

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