Who Is This So Called "Dad"?

And...more importantly...why do I care what he has to say?

Dad is the owner of this company and has been in the equipment business for over 40 years. Service, parts and sales. From tractors to excavators to track loaders to rubber tracks, he has seen just about everything.

My father is, I am sure, similar to yours. He shares his wisdom, but we seldom follow it. Only to find out as we grow older, that the old man had something. Well, it took me a while to listen. He can be a man of few words, but in my experience...you better pay attention, because you might just miss something that will change everything.

What Did Dad Say?

Find out what wisdom my Dad has put forth, just as all of our parents have.

Dad Said What???

Dad is retired you see, and travels back to Georgia each month to keep tabs on my brother and I.  During this most recent meeting high up in the ivory towers of Rubber Tracks USA (second floor), this past Monday, I heard something come out of my father’s mouth that I never thought I would….