About Us

Here’s the straight marketing line…

With over 40 years of construction equipment experience, Rubber Tracks USA is proud to be a leading distributor of DuroForce® Rubber Tracks and Undercarriage.  DuroForce® is a premium supplier of tracks and is continually expanding its line.  All DuroForce® products come with a 15 Month Free Replacement Warranty.

Here’s the real story…

We started Rubber Tracks USA as a spin off from our construction equipment dealership in Lithonia, Georgia (East Side of Atlanta).  We wanted to bring together our customer relationship knowledge, product knowledge and buying power and extend this out to the rest of the country.  And, it worked.  Our customers have become tired of going to their local dealership and receiving sub-par information and high prices to go along with it.  Our staff is not sitting on a parts counter at a dealership or sitting at home in their underwear.  We have 13 dedicated people in a separate 33,000 sq ft warehouse packed with parts and tracks.

It has been a true pleasure to come to work each day.  Not everyone has the opportunity to actually love what they do.  I think I can speak for at least 80% of the people here (I’d be lying to say that everyone…everyday…loves their job!) in saying that that is exactly what we do each and every day.

We approach this business just like how we would want to be treated.  Our pricing is set (non-negotiable).  You should get the same price as your neighbor.  I could put the prices higher and we could haggle just like in a street market in Marrakesh, but that is just not who we are.  I have only one direction (well maybe two) for our warehouse…everything ships.  They are to do everything in their power to get every shipment out the door.  You need them.  Everyday counts.  We believe in our products and with DuroForce® backing them with a 15 Month Warranty, it makes it easy (and…that does include freight!)  Why do I mention warranty?  Well, let’s face it…crap happens…things go wrong and failures can and do occur.  What makes a man or a company for that matter is how you respond to a problem.  We treat any problem you have as a crisis on our end.  You may think that this is an over reaction, but it isn’t to us.  You don’t buy our products to set your coffee on; instead you buy them to get a job done.  Our mission is only complete when you can go do whatever is that you do.

We have served thousands of contractors over the years and you might even have been one of them.  We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to talking to you soon.

– Ken Lashley – Manager – aka “The Guy Who Sends Those Emails”


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